Monday, January 12, 2015

Practical Advice on the Family Agenda, from the Family Business Consulting Group

In this extremely practical and succinct article, “Who Owns the Family Agenda?” the author outlines early and intermediate ways of going about instituting an agenda in a family meeting. Without patronizing or complicating the matter, the article describes in simple, straightforward terms the beginning stages of developing a family agenda and how a family might progress to a more sophisticated agenda-setting routine. While the topics on a family agenda could easily be endless, the article uses a few real-world examples of common issues faced by many enterprising families.

               Perhaps the most important point in this short piece addresses the fact that the most crucial aspect of a family meeting agenda is not what’s on the list but who takes responsibility for it and how will it be executed. The author suggests a beginner or informal way of learning how to manage an agenda; goes on to outline a more formal way of using an agenda to develop, manage and communicate the family’s goals; and finally discusses ownership and execution of an agenda for large or advanced families with a family office or a family council.

               In short, this article is concise, useful and applicable to any family member or enterprise advisor looking for practical advice on how to start or best use an agenda for family meetings. This article would be highly useful for anyone interested in taking the mystery (or the fear) out of the implementation of meeting agendas.

From FBCG article, Who Owns the Family Agenda?